*** Annie Oakley: Sharp-shooter, Superstar


Annie Oakley (August 13, 1860 – November 3, 1926)

annie-oakley-seated-1The most famous woman of her day, she insisted on presenting herself as the epitome of feminine propriety while putting on one of the most exciting stage shows of turn of the 20th century. Today when people think of Annie Oakley, they think of the Broadway and Hollywood image: the gun-toting, brassy haired, crass show-girl. Although she could definitely handle a rifle with fantastic accuracy, she was far from brassy or crass. The true character of Annie Oakley is complex and inspiring. The girl born as Phoebe Anne Mosey married a fellow sharp-shooter and donned the stage name “Annie Oakley”, but would always prefer to be introduced as Mrs. Frank Butler. She fought for safe working conditions, fair and equal pay for a days work regardless of gender or heritage, and for a first-rate show that presented good solid family entertainment. International fame and success came with a price. Later in life she had to fight to maintain the honor of her name. Yet she steadfastly supported the country in times of war, and put many young girls through school at her own expense. Believing that women were just as capable as men, she firmly insisted that they should strive to achieve any goal or occupation that interested them. Her motto was to “Aim for a high mark…for practice will make you perfect.” and her hope was that all women would reach the “Bulls-eye of Success.”

“Aim for a high mark. Eventually you will hit it…Practice will make you perfect. Eventually you will hit the Bulls eye of success.” -Annie Oakley

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