Guest and Keynote Speaker

An Address from one of Ms. Hanley’s first person portrayals will educate event attendees about the past, inform them about the present, and serve to guide their decisions for the Future.

First-Person Historical Education for all ages

Ms. Hanley has developed character portrayals tailored to meet the education and age level of a variety of audiences, from School Age children to Senior Citizens.

School Programs:  Ms. Hanley’s school programs seek to bolster curriculum requirements whenever possible.  They are highly interactive, entertaining, and educational.  Abigail Adams: Grades 5 and up.  Betsy Ross: Grades k-3 & 4-8.  Mary Pickersgill: Grades 4-8.  Annie Oakley: Grades 5-9.  Harriet Beecher Stowe: Grades 5 and up.  References available upon request.

Meet and Greet; Customization Available

Including Ms. Hanley’s First Person portrayals is an innovative and interesting way to liven up any event.

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